Letters From The Heart

Jacob’s writing has often been created as “Letter’s from the heart” and so the tag was kept.

Sherlock's Homes Foundation - Deja Vu

Deja Vù

Laundry day? Again! I swear I just did this! I know it was only a short time ago that I separated my whites from my colors and carted my soiled linens from the hamper to the washing machine. Deja vu, anyone?  Oddly, this made me think of something a bit more profound: Time, or at

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New Year's Photo

Happy New Year!

I am a chronic-prenuer. I like to start businesses! To date, I have started a staging company, a real estate agency, an investment agency, and three dance businesses. The ones that took off were the dancing businesses, ironically. I did spend 15 year of my early adult life as a professional dancer- God, that was

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Sherlock's Homes Foundation - BonneVoyage Blog Post

Bonne Voyage

“In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue,” as we were made to memorize in first grade. Imagine the feeling Columbus must have felt surrounding his journey into the unknown! Convincing Ferdinand and Isabella to fund his wild idea to let him sail off the edge of the earth and trust that he wouldn’t fall into

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