About The Sherlock’s Homes Foundation

We provide housing, employment opportunities, and a loving support system for homeless LGBTQ+ young adults so that they can live fearlessly as their authentic selves.

​Within one of our homes, these young adults learn responsibility, accountability, financial independence, life skills, but most of all; how to love themselves.​Currently we have homes in Boca Raton, FL and Colorado Springs, CO. with other homes opening up around the country soon. 

If you would like to sponsor one of our next homes, we’d love to hear from you.

Learn more about hour houses we are operating. 

Our Founder & Chairman

Jacob Reide Jennings

I was kicked out of my home in high school for being gay and graduated living out of my 1993 Ford Escort GT that used to shake when I hit the brakes.

At the age 17, I had a plan: to take broken homes and fix broken hearts. I would teach these “kids” how to invest, to flip houses and ultimately make homes of their own while learning professional skills to keep them off the streets for good. January 15th, 2020, (18 years later) the flood gates opened and there was no turning back.

Then Corona hit.

Life changed for all of us. Now my life had new challenges, and I had young people depending on me in my new home, looking for guidance, and asking for help. My funds from the personal loan I had taken out to start this mission were exhausting fast. But I had made a commitment to these “kids” and I wasn’t going to stop. I won’t stop.

It’s been six months of lock-down. @sherlockshomes is officially a nonprofit for LGBTQIA youth. Each of the kids here now have jobs and we are opening our second home- an 8 bedroom house in Colorado Springs, the second of what will be many. We already have three beds filled before I have even gone out to see the home. It is time to press on, to keep making a difference, and to change the conversation around LGBTQIA homelessness.

We need beds, furniture, food, clothing, computers, personal hygiene items… The list never seems to end. That’s OK! We. Will. Succeed. This time, we need more help.

We need YOU.

If you believe that it’s time to take a stand, that the world is bigger than any individual person and that we can all make a difference together; if you believe a single act of kindness can change the life of one person; if you believe that all it takes is everything you’ve got to follow your dreams and change the world, then we need you.

You can support us by sharing our mission with your friends and family. And if you are able to, please consider donating to Sherlock’s Homes.

Together, we can change the conversation around homelessness.

Thank You.

Your Fan,
Jacob Jennings

Our Board Members

Lauren LaPointe

Jai Merchant

Javier Anthony Hinojo

Joy Degenhardt

Trevor Hardman

Alysa Monae

Pamela Krammer

Sergio Veloso Brilhante

Katerina Katakalides

Patrice Bobo-Miles

James Granell

Brian Yen

Jessica Laney

Jonathan Michael

Leonard Cardenas

Susan Teichman

Our Virtual Assistants

Melanie Mendoza