Partners & Collaborators

Our Partners & Collaborators

The path to changing the world is one that one cannot do on their own, but with the help of others, we can start the movements that make the difference in it.  Here are a few of our esteemed partners and/or collaborators who are not only doing their part, but who are also helping us further our mission, but we are both working together to help start something bigger than either side could imagine.

Uncommon Good - Agency - Sherlock's Homes Foundation Collaborator

UncommonGood, who’s software powers the Donor Management software for Sherlock’s Homes Foundation, but Founder & CEO, Carolyn Driscoll, has been an esteemed partner with Sherlock’s Homes Foundation, working with our Founder, Jacob Jennings, with creating a community of like-minded individuals for helping change the world, through servant leadership , and Jacob’s education series of “Homes with Heart”.

Sallie Allen, a creative director with the digital agency firm, The Primacy, is a proud Sherlock’s Homes Foundation partner & media collaborator.  She and her team at The Primacy have created the professional videos that we have around our site.

101 Financial, has partnered with Sherlock’s Homes Foundation, offering assistance with financial education through their online courses, workshops and offerings.

APEX Systems has partnered with Sherlock’s Homes Foundation, offering assistance for our residents when it comes to discovering and attaining careers.  Through personalized coaching, education and paired with goal setting, our residents are given a custom game plan with attainable goals, along a path to help them discover  what they are passionate about and achieve the career they desire.