Giving back through life-changing experiences.

Recently Launched

Lambda Hope Launch!

Sherlock’s Homes Foundation and Hope Recovery Resources have come together to join forces and form Lambda Hope!

We are currently choosing a logo. Help us decide today by casting your vote!

Be a part of the solution!!

Do you know how many homeless children there are? How many displaced families the United States currently has? Well, we have some solutions to this. Our 501c3 nonprofit foundation wants to help every family in need. We have been working to fix the housing problem America has and help kids get back to their families. 

Sherlock’s Homes – House Application

Interested in becoming one of our residents? Download, Fill out and send in your application today. (Send completed applications to

The Year 2021

Looking back at 2021, and re-capping all that we have accomplished thus far, it is quite impressive how much we have done in such a short time!  Thank you very much, to all that have helped! (We are just getting started!!)

Journey Home Podcast

We have launched our “Journey Home Podcast” with a few episodes to start, and more are coming, listen to us discuss various topics about our mission, our adventures, thoughts and current issues, and so much more. 


Our Entry for the AT&T #TurnUpTheLove Campaign.  Please watch, like and share!!

F.A.Q. – Frequently Asked Questions
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You have questions, we have answers.  Check out our Conveniently found in our Resource section.