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Deja Vù

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Laundry day? Again! I swear I just did this! I know it was only a short time ago that I separated my whites from my colors and carted my soiled linens from the hamper to the washing machine. Deja vu, anyone?  Oddly, this made me think of something a bit more profound: Time, or at least my personal  Experience of Time. Getting past the initial overwhelm and awe of the initial exploration of “What makes Time? What is Time?” has led me to some very enthralling conversations and many nights of mental exploration. 

Go with me here, I promise I have a point. 

Consider this: a predominant, “educated”  human consensus, we observe Time in a linear fashion- Cause and Effect, one leads to two, A to B. It’s drilled into us as children when we have to put events on a timetable or a timeline. This two dimensional, flat perception of Time is very limiting, but it’s drilled in at such a young age that it becomes a fundamental truth that we accept our entire lives, even if it isn’t completely true. We may think of Time as linear, but we experience it cyclically- the four seasons, annual holidays, moon cycles, even every laundry day… So the Passage of Time may sometimes be linear and sometimes not. When we go outside later tonight (future), we will look up at the stars, but we are literally looking up in awe into the past…

Mind blown yet? Yeah. Mine, too.

Yet we have expressions that we hold true that create a cognitive dissonance with that very viewpoint- expressions like “history repeating itself” or “all in its season.”  Turn on any SciFi movie or show like Dr. Who (Spoiler!), we are told that going back in time we could change the course of events in cataclysmic ways just by doing the smallest acts. Yet- and this is the point- people don’t think that doing a small act in the present could actually impact the future.

So what else can we look at and choose to experience differently? 

This is the best part-  we kinda have this crazy ability to manipulate it… Right? If “history repeats itself” allows us to identify a pattern, can we do to change the trajectory of that event by doing one simple act? Deciding to recycle that bottle, buy this product with better packaging, walking to the store instead of driving, donating to a cause we believe in… Small things that can add up to create our own Experience of this level of Time.

I may not know the future (or maybe I do?), but I do know that the choices I made two years ago have changed my life today and are continuing to shape my tomorrows. Crazy to see this coming into being! I guess some would say I manifested this- and I can see why they would say that.  Our goal of being in every state by 2025 is getting more likely. By the time you read this, I will probably be in Richmond or Raleigh opening two new homes that will serve the LGBTQ community in recovery. Now the real work begins! We need to furnish and staff the homes before we even take on our first home members. Time to get donations of furniture, linens, food, money, and build relationships with those local communities. I am going to try something new this go round- I am going to be making an Amazon registry to help us furnish these houses. People can help by providing funds for items, buy them directly and have them shipped, even sponsoring rooms and common areas. It is something that I need help with, so if you are interested in stepping up and assisting me with any of this, I would LOVE your hand. 

That is the little thing that we can do today that will change our tomorrows. Let’s remember that the small decisions we all make can change how others in our care will experience healing, love, and compassion as we share this Passage of Time together.  

Your Fan,