Sherlock's Homes Foundation - Go Directly To Jail


It is true! I don’t know what I did wrong, but I believe I have been wrongfully accused. This is so unjust!!! 

(Oh yeah, I am referring to Facebook Jail. Not physical. Just to be clear. LOL) I don’t know how to get out of it, though! I was promoting my Virtual Social Housing Bootcamp which I am starting tomorrow afternoon and apparently that caused them to flag my account. Go figure! I use social media for my businesses and now I can’t sign in to any of my pages, groups or profiles, including Sherlock’s Homes! 

So while we sort that out, I wanted to tell you about the good news from this week. Wait, that is underselling it… GREAT NEWS FROM THIS WEEK!!! After a year of strategizing and working hard, we FINALLY sold our first multifamily that we bought last year. We sold it this week and WE MADE A PROFIT!!!! Just about $47k! That’s right, our model of nonprofit housing is working!!! The money we made is going to help us get caught up, pay back some debts and help us further our mission. THANK YOU ALL for help, support and donations that have helped us get to this point. We ask that you continue to support us as we are opening more homes and extending our services all the further.

Usually I would make a post about my events on Facebook, but obviously that isn’t going to happen, so if you want to take my workshop this weekend I would love to have you! I am going to teach four three-hour training sessions to help you get started in recovery/ social housing. Take a look and sign up here

I hope to see you all later! 

Your Fan,